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Ideation. Collaboration. Training. Sales Event. Board Meeting. Product Launch. Auction. Lecture Series.

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About Us.

Stoke offers a state of the art collaboration room designed for professionals, enterprises and institutions looking to deliver interactive presentations that connect and engage remote participants in an immersive hybrid environment.

Designed as a studio experience, presenters are free to move naturally within the room, heightening their focus while promoting seamless interactions with attendees that removes the boundaries between physically present and remote participants.

Organizations can use the room to conduct board meetings, training sessions, product launches, demonstrations, lectures as well as auctions. These are just a few of the applications the Stoke collaboration room can serve, while eliminating scheduling hurdles and reducing the travel costs associated with attendee and team travel.

How Are We Different?

Stoke is a space-as-a-service that features high definition, bi-directional audio-visual communication with multiple camera views, interactive whiteboards, content sharing and integrated collaboration tools designed to promote seamless interactions between presenters and attendees. 

Each remote participant display is outfitted with its own camera and speaker. This allows the presenter to respond naturally to comments from remote participants, speaking with them as if they were physically present in the room.

There’s a time and a place for video conferencing.This is a room for ideas.

About the Space.

  • 4×2 Remote Participant Wall (up to 64 attendees)

  • Large Format Touch Display

  • Confidence Monitor for Presenter

  • Remote Presenter Display

  • Directional Audio

  • Multiple Camera Views for Remote Participants

  • Seats Eight (8) In-Room Participants


Remote Participant Wall.

The Remote Participant Wall is an eight display array that provides each participant with their own speaker and camera, promoting personalized communication with the presenter.

  • Supports 64 remote attendees

  • Promotes authentic interaction between presenter and attendees through personalized cameras under each display

  • Informs presenter who is speaking using directional audio

  • Displays remote participant names for ease of identification

  • Displays status indicators to presenter on remote participant connectivity, attention, polling and hand raising

Large Format Touch Display.

The 85″, touch-enabled display allows the room presenter to share content, images, videos or an interactive whiteboard.

  • Share content with all remote and in-room participants

  • Share rich-media to augment presentations

  • Share documents for ideation and annotation

  • Conduct polls

  • Organize break out rooms for remote participants to work separately from other attendees

Confidence Monitor.

The Confidence Monitor allows the presenter to view what remote participants are seeing to optimize command and control over their presentation.

Remote Presenter Display.

The Remote Presenter allows guests and experts to participate as virtual presenters during a session.

High Fidelity Audio and Visual Experience.

The collaboration room is outfitted with multiple cameras and directional audio to create an immersive hybrid environment for the presenter, as well as for the in-room and remote participants.

  • Delivers a rich experience by providing alternate views of the room for remote participants

  • Delivers high-quality directional sound so remote participants can clearly hear in-room audio

  • Provides a presenter with directional awareness of which remote attendee is speaking

  • Creates authentic visual and audio experience for remote participants

Concierge-Level Service.

From the start, our team will provide hands on support to ensure you have an excellent experience. We’ll help onboard your remote attendees onto the platform, as well as provide you with an in-person operator to streamline room operations.

Rental Packages.


  • 2 Hour Session
  • Up to 8 In-Room Participants
  • Up to 64 Remote Participants
  • Room Operator
  • Interactive Whiteboard

Strategy Session

  • 4 Hour Session
  • Up to 8 In-Room Participants
  • Up to 64 Remote Participants
  • Room Operator
  • Interactive Whiteboard

All Hands on Deck

  • 8 Hour Session
  • Up to 8 In-Room Participants
  • Up to 64 Remote Participants
  • Room Operator
  • Interactive Whiteboard

Operating hours are 8AM to 6PM, Monday thru Friday. Nights and weekends available by appointment at premium pricing. Prices do not include any applicable taxes.